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Strength & Leadership Serving Shipbuilding & Power Generation

For more than 30 years since the founding of YSG, we have been committed in our drive to develop and deliver innovative products, technologies, and services to meet the needs of our customers and partners. We continue to serve the heavy electric industry for power generation and now are positioned for growth in the LNG industry through our global LNG vaporizer business. With our recent acquisition, we now have the largest installed based of LNG vaporizers in the marine/shipbuilding industry globally, with a history and experience that expands on our world-class products and experience in the heavy electric industry.  

Building upon our strengths in the heavy electricity equipment and heavy fabrication capabilities and our new LNG vaporizer business, we have positioned ourselves with becoming a Global Leader & Partner for Shipbuilding & Power Generation by 2025. Our vision is built upon the dedication and energy of our employees, who are committed to our dream and aspirations of serving our customers and the communities. Please join me as we continue to grow and build on these dreams and visions.  

Respectfully yours,

서명 YSG Chairman Yoon-Gyu,Lee

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